Electric Wine Coolers

Wine that is chilled to the proper temperature is far more enjoyable than one that is room temperature instead. Electric wine coolers are available in a variety of sizes and a variety of prices. Having perfectly chilled wines are truly an asset. You can find them in single bottle size or small refrigerator size. It will depend on your budget and on the amount of wine you would like to keep on hand.

While non-electric coolers are less expensive they are limited. You can only chill one bottle at a time. you would place the chiller in the freezer and remove it when frozen to place your bottle of wine into the cooler.

Electric wine coolers are available in several different methods of chilling. Multi-bottle chillers are the size of a hotel or college dorm size refrigerator. Single electric wine coolers can work by thermoelectric cooling which uses wires to conduct electrical current. This will warm or cool your favorite vintage. There are also electric wine coolers that squirt very cold water at the bottle until the right temperature is reached. At that point the water jets cease and your wine may be served or consumed.

Most retail stores will have both electric wine coolers and non-electric wine coolers. The non-electric will be in the twenty-five dollar range. The electric wine coolers will range from sixty to one hundred dollars. This will depend on which amenities you choose to incorporate. This is the price range for single bottle coolers.

The electric wine coolers are intended for indoor use. Being lightweight, they can easily be moved from one room to another. Some outdoor entertainment areas have electric outlets as well, but that is not the intention of the manufacturer.

An electric wine chiller makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Sets are available that also have openers included. These would be the single electric wine coolers. Multi-bottle coolers can handle a few bottles or many. It depends on consumption and the variety you choose to keep on hand.

If your tastes include both red and white wines and you like to keep them all at the correct temperature, there are coolers that have two distinct cooling zones. One is for red, the other is for white. If you have a large wine cellar, all the wine can be kept at the exact temperature you desire.

Some electric wine coolers are designed for one bottle. There are others for two, three or four bottles that will allow you and your guests to choose a favorite without having separate coolers. It will allow your guests to choose from white, red or rose.

The perfect host will have the perfect wine. The perfect wine will be served at the perfect temperature. All of the things that will make your evening everything you had hoped it would be. Purchasing an electric wine cooler for yourself or as a gift is an investment that any wine lover will appreciate and enjoy. Shop online and in stores. You can check out the different styles and colors. Copper, stainless steel and some with wood are all available.

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