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A street, giving us the first impression is “in fact were NOT”, the huge street, one side is get together a small restaurant, one side is a special arts and modern city of Fuzhou, the real “hero” has only the province of three appliance repair centers and Samsung Electronics Fuzhou
Service center, but also pushed aside. Looking ahead, “Fuzhou appliance repair center” a few glittering characters embedded in the plaque on the right above, is quite strong throughout but “time” of the erosion, in the end is a bit worn. The other side of the street, it also reflects a foundation stone in the weeds, if not carefully looking for even the traces are difficult to detect.

An item for the tangible things, a peak of more than 30 service enterprises to enter the street, why come to this awkward situation? What is the link wrong? Or are there other hidden reason? To do this, press 3 Gu appliance repair a street in Fuzhou, also interviewed stakeholders reveals which of your news.

Past Posts

Has gathered more than 30 service enterprises

“2000 12 28, I clearly remember the day extra fun.” Appliance repair a street recalls the days of opening, Samsung Customer Service Centre Fuzhou relevant responsible person all written in a happy expression face. The Fuzhou branch of the Consumer Council chairman Huang appliance repair industry, also told reporters the three provinces, the opening day of the manufacturers from around the country related to the Ministry responsible for the maintenance people came to attend the opening ceremony, many of whom are
Sale in China this figure Explorer.

It is understood that the construction of home appliance repair a street, at the time of the country are rare. Maintenance Street with maintenance, trading, exhibition, consultation, eight functions, gathered in Three appliance repair center, Samsung Customer Service Center in Fuzhou, Fujian, technical knowledge
Center, Hitachi customer service centers, more than 30 well-known manufacturers of after-sales service centers and many large professional service firms, and there are also many convenient services, unified fee system, coupled with media propaganda rally, so “home appliance repair Street “an opening, it has won widespread acclaim Fuzhou people, has become a time of many people’s lips.

“Just the beginning of the business very well.” This is the reporter heard the most frequent word, but this sentence subtext is “later on not succeed.”

This life chapter

Two points hold empty street maintenance

Huang Sheng-san said in an interview, the maintenance center in one market, convenience to the people looking for repair center, the quality of service on the maintenance industry to play a catalytic role facilitates the centralized functions management.

But the maintenance of a street a good mind and whether it has been recognized as a market? Have been opened in the maintenance of a street shop Lin told reporters that the maintenance company’s focus from the real benefit is in fact one or two in itself Market
Shop, or some brand of factory authorized service center, focused on nothing but attract more customers for them only.

Long been engaged in home appliance repair Chef Wang believes that a lot of residents to choose the nearest road maintenance, so setting up a maintenance point in the community is necessary. In response, Huang said the province has three different views, he said that it is generally taken by the maintenance services is the way home, so there is no service point is said to be moved into the community.

According to Huang Sheng-san introduced, in order to expand the scale of
Effect, maintenance Street according to
, Phase Two expansion, the original store was demolition, which is why only two. Huang province, says that in May 2002 after the original store demolition, land acquisition in the second phase expansion project approvals and demolition links out of trouble, and since then, there is no news.

While insider told reporters, when the construction of a street repair took only 50 days, the time is too short, and a project can only be regarded as “transition project”, most of the facade is relatively low height, area is also small, so the vast majority of brands such as
Changhong repair center did not choose to enter, and small appliances repair service points get together on a street has not played an active role in Phase II expansion is imperative. But the two expansion by a shortage of funds, and many other factors, so let the matter rest.

Afterlife Posts

Fate still unknown

“Can not be successful, can only be a good project did not continue to go out.” Huang told reporters in Three statements showing a pity when faces.

Reporter also contacted the maintenance of an original idea by Mr. Wang Minwen street, then Mr. Wang with a “how to build a home appliance repair the city,” the letters from the public caused by the Fuzhou
Attention, thus there was a street repair home appliances. Mr. Wang told reporters that his views have not changed now, hope may be the case, the government’s guidance and cultivate the market, by the specialized agencies in accordance with the laws of the market to improve the specific operation, maintenance people really solve the difficult problem .

That the Government think? Charge of the work of journalists from the government of Fuzhou Taijiang responsible officer that in the near future this project and no new planning and action.

Fuzhou appliance repair a street’s fate will be, now it seems uncertain.

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