How to Repair A Leaking Refrigerator

Nowadays, most refrigerators have a water system and an ice maker built into them; therefore, there is a waterline attached behind the refrigerator that allows water to come out cold for drinking or as ice cubes. This can cause leaks to happen anywhere this water runs through the refrigerator and freezer.

First, pull the refrigerator out from against the wall to help you find discover where the leak may be coming from. Usually when there is a puddle on the floor it is a sign the water line or drip pan is damaged. Inspect the side panels and the gaskets around the doors for any condensation.

If it is a condensation issue, make sure the doors are shutting properly by holding the door open halfway and let it go. If the doors are not shutting completely, adjust legs at the front of the fridge allowing the appliance to tilt back a little. Using a pair of pliers adjust the legs and check the doors again. Repeat this process until the doors are shutting correctly.

Check to make sure there isn’t any debris that is preventing the doors from closing and check for any gaps or tears that may let the cold air escape out. If there is a debris, clean your gaskets with warm, soapy water. If the gaskets look like they need to be replaced, replace them immediately.

Follow the water tubes through the appliance to ensure all the connections are not loose. Also, make sure there aren’t any leaky containers or nothing was spilled inside your refrigerator as some times this can be mistaken for a leaking problem with the fridge.

Some refrigerators will have a defrost cycle that drains the melted water from the evaporator coils through a tube or a hole into a drip pan underneath the refrigerator. The water will evaporate and at times you can remove the drip pan to drain it out. If the drain hole gets clogged up with debris or if the tube should get damaged, it will cause the water to back up inside your fridge and leak to the outside. As the water needs to go somewhere and most of the time it will drain out under the crisper drawers. To repair this problem, make sure the drain hose is free and clear of any debris, in some cases mold will grow in the tube causing it to clog. Check out the drain pan to ensure it isn’t overflowing or cracked and leaking.

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