How You Can Maintain Commercial HVAC Systems

Your employees’ safety is guaranteed with the help of business proprietors since they can maintain your HVAC system correctly. Let us talk regarding what every business proprietor should have the knowledge on requirements on maintaining most commercial HVAC systems.

The requirements for maintaining HVAC systems for commercial use are not the same as HVAC systems for residences. And whats more is, maintenance of commercial systems depends on the occupancy of the building. Factory occupancy is not the same as office occupancy. The generation of dust, for example, which is higher in some factories, will cause you to replace the filters more often.

Filters get replaced once or twice in a year even if homeowners are instructed to change them every month for residential use. Flters should be changed at the least four times in a year, thats once every 3 months in a commercial occupancy. There is a build-up of dust, the filters should be replaced more frequently than that in factories where chemicals are often used.

In a commercial HVAC system, the heat exchanger should be inspected as a routine especially if it is located externally, which is common. The heat exchanger would likely be cracked resulting in poor efficiency and effectivity. It may start with just a hairline fracture, which may not be noticeable, but if the crack enlarges the problem becomes severe. Thus, your HVAC system should be checked in a regular basis so that the situation could still be remedied.

The evaporator coils should be maintained once or twice annually. These parts are always damp, thus, they are prone to molds. And being exposed to the elements causes them to corrode. Use a particular cleaning solution and skills so that the evaporator coils are free from molds and corrosion.

Make sure that the ventilation is sufficient. Facilities for commercial occupancy are usually designed for artificial ventilation. Redesign it for natural ventilation and lighting. This can reduce costs not only from the HVAC but also from lighting.

Dampers should be cleaned always to ensure that there is adequate ventilation. Dampers that are not functioning appropriately not only affect the air exchange but also raise the consumption of energy. After cleaning, lubricate the moving parts properly for the best possible performance.

Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality is one of the most important jobs of any HVAC system. There is not much you can do about breathing in smog, allergens, airborne bacteria or pollutants outdoors. However, once you’re in your own building it’s up to you what kind of air you’d like to breathe. It’s generally accepted that it’s healthier to breathe in clean, filtered air. Breathing in indoor pollutants and chemicals from every day cleaners can lead to long term health consequences. This is why it’s absolutely necessary for your HVAC installation to be maintained and have the air filters changed regularly. Having access to fresh air via proper ventilation can also help alleviate the concentration of lung irritants.

Always see to it that your HVAC system is inspected and serviced by experts. A system that is properly maintained not only prevents diseases but also contributes to the comfort of the employees, which means they are always healthy and productive.

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