Maintenance Tips for Commercial HVAC Systems – What to Look for?

When compared to a residential system, commercial HVAC system tends to be much larger and complicated. It has to heat and cool much larger space of commercial premises than at home. Different types of commercial building use vivid methods and units for heating and cooling the space. Due to its large size, the only matter of concern with a commercial system is to maintain it regularly to avoid catastrophic failure in the future.

Planning a regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC system is not at all a daunting job. All you need to do is to make a phone call to set up a date to run a diagnosis on your heating and air units and ducts. At the same time do not forget to check the industrial fans as well. Once the preliminary check-up is done, you can plan multiple future dates for maintenance. This is just a basic step to keep a commercial HVAC system working for many year to come.

The business owners can guarantee the comfort and safety of their employees by regularly maintaining the HVAC system. They must have adequate knowledge on maintaining the commercial HVAC system that they own. The maintenance requirements of commercial HVAC systems are totally different when compared to residential HVAC systems. Additionally, it also depends on type of commercial occupancy as generation of dust is higher in some factories where the filters are needed to be replaced more frequently.

The filters in residential HVAC systems are replaced once or twice in a year, but in a commercial occupancy the filters should be changed at the least four times in a year. Especially in the factories wherein chemical are being produced or used, the filters must be replaced more frequently than the estimated time.

The heat exchanger in a commercial HVAC system should be inspected routinely, especially if it is located externally. In the absence of proper care, the heat exchanger would crack, which may not be noticeable, but if the crack expands the problem becomes severe.

The evaporator coils should be checked once or twice in a year. These parts are always moist, hence they are prone to mold and may lead to corrosion. The use of specified cleaning solution by the skilled hands are advised to keep the evaporator coils free from molds and corrosion.

The dampers in a commercial system should be cleaned to ensure proper ventilation. Improper functioning of damper not only affect the air exchange but also raise the consumption of energy. After cleaning, do not forget to lubricate the moving parts properly for the best possible performance.

You can also call professionals for commercial HVAC repair service and ask them to examine the system on the regular basis. A well maintained system not only avoids diseases but also adds to the comfort of the employees.

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