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Smaller face “delisting” crisis, huh large-scale chain

Recent years, with

Home Appliances

Booming manufacturing industry, home appliances


Gradually increase. Home appliances market to some extent caused fire appliance repair industry in our city, “Changing Faces”: small-scale face “delisting” crisis; of the large chain huh. In response, industry analysis: Taizhou appliance repair industry is reshuffled.

Quietly changed the market quite a mixed bag

3 7, Huangyan Yongqiang Ning Liu Yan-ping community electricity at home


Bad, and he hoped to find a nearby repair shop can run a morning or not find, even their usually frequented the house, front has a face-lift. The original, with the increasing popularity of home appliances and upgrading faster around the street who have the “mom and pop” Most have been quietly incorporated into various brands of professional appliances maintenance department or walking in the “delisting” of the edge, get a small number of people whose difficult to he found.

“Yes, with the increasingly fierce market competition and consumers


Requirements continue to increase, the kind of cohabitation before the repair has quietly changed. “In response to this phenomenon, Taizhou

Home Appliances

Association with the root-Secretary-General Chen said, Taizhou appliance industry started in the 80s of last century, the rise of the appliance repair industry at this time. Many repair shops only a dozen square meters of window of the store, put a table on top of several testing instruments and iron, next came alive again in a few sets to open the shell


Or refrigerator, it is so open.

Easy to see that these small repair shops generally only two or three skilled workers varies, and most mechanics mid-life switch without professional


Alone master to teach or learning I enjoyed. But in recent years, with


, Intelligent trend of rapid development, some new,


High content of fly into the everyday home appliances, higher demands for the maintenance, survival of the fittest.

Indeed, Jiaojiang the ferry from West Road to the cloud, from the South to the everlasting work Huangyan North, to the Bridge of Tenda Road … … After a deliberate search for the afternoon, journalists often find some scattered around the city appliance repair “flagship store”, difficult to see the “mom and pop.” Compared with the small repair shops, these large-scale “flagship store” are the leader in market competition, growing plump wings. For example, electronic products repair center, Taizhou, Taizhou and Commerce Co., Ltd., appliance repair, maintenance of their sites are several hundred square meters, the company’s head office, not only in urban areas, has also joined the chain established within the city, occupied Taizhou appliance repair business 60% to 70% market share.

Appliance repair industry to the consolidation phase

Survival of the fittest of the fittest. Taizhou appliance repair industry after 20 years in a “flame” was finally ushered in integration, the original home appliance repair service model is broken, a new appliance maintenance services market mechanism was born.

The one hand, some small repair shops have joined the chain, heavy maintenance business, with the market, otherwise it is gradually heading towards extinction?? Such as “mom and pop” or “partner shops.” On the other hand, professional service providers emerged, they have strong capital, technology and talent, and gradually carved up the site, monopoly maintenance resources to the strong stronger.

Taizhou electronic products repair center not only with SONY (Sony), SAMSUNG (


), WHIRLPOOL (Whirlpool), TOOSHIBA (


) And other global brands to reach manufacturers of electronic products


Agreement, a brand special maintenance stations is nearly 30 people in its professional service team, including


Teacher, senior maintenance man, maintenance man and primary intermediate maintenance man, a national premium home appliance repair service department. Taizhou has established the region covering the whole sub-station


Now they started radiation to the surrounding cities.

Like “Taizhou electronic” so the appearance of professional service providers, the continuous rapid expansion and integration of maintenance resources, will be on the appliance repair industry Taizhou what kind of impact? Taizhou Chamber of Commerce President Hu Yi in that the appliance repair industry, re-integration, it is possible to change the home appliances business production, sales and service operations in one setup, so service was spun off from the manufacturers to professional service providers located.

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